Career Specialist

      Assists students with resume writing, interview techniques and job finding skills.  Facilitates job fairs and assists students in finding co-op and internship opportunities



Counseling Services

     Offers academic, personal and career counseling services.  Also offers psychological services by a licensed psychologist

      Offers workshops in academic, career, life skills communication, and personal enrichment

      Facilitates General Studies courses, new student orientation and first year experience programs



      Free tutoring services offered to currently enrolled Tri-C students in a variety of academic areas


Faculty/Staff Mentors

      Provide one-on-one assistance to first year students

      Maintain consistent contact with the mentee throughout the student’s first semester

      Connect first year students to campus resources


Financial Aid Specialist/ Advisor

      Assists students with all phases of completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid

      Provides education and workshops regarding financial literacy

      Assists students with student loan and scholarship application processing


Peer Mentors



      Students hired to support students in/outside of class and serve as a liaison between the classroom environment and campus resources and services

      Help to further connect and engage students at the College



      Volunteer staff/faculty/administrators who assist new students by serving as a resource and connection to services and resources at the College


Student Activities Coordinator

      Coordinates of all co-curricular activities, events, leadership opportunities, including student government, student program board, student newspaper, leadership certification, recreational events and athletic programs



Student Advisor – Access

      Coordinates services to qualified students with disabilities


Student Ambassadors

     Provides students with opportunities to develop extensive leadership skills and gain valuable lifelong work skills while assisting new students with all phases of the orientation and enrollment process


Student Support Services

      Provides a comprehensive range of academic and other services to first generation college students including tutoring, scholarship opportunity and academic advising


Success Specialist

      Works with and mentors first semester students to assist with all phases of the enrollment process, orientation and first semester student concerns and issues to further connect students to the college

      Coordinates student mentors program and Student Ambassador program


Veteran’s Advisor

      Provides resources and services to veteran students and their families. Works closely with Veterans Upward Bound to coordinate resources and opportunities for veterans



Arts Event Liaison

      Provides support, ideas, curriculum and tickets to arts events in and around the Cuyahoga County area that will enhance and promote active learning on a variety of subjects.  This option should not be limited to arts related classes, but courses across the curriculum.  Planners know the seasons of a variety of arts organizations, theatre, museums and touring artists locally and regionally.



Computer Asst. Learning Specialist

      Provides academic computing consultation within the Teaching, Learning Technology Center. Assists students in leveraging productivity and academic software



Health & Wellness Coach

      A Health and Wellness Coach helps our students elicit their best thinking and decision making so they can accomplish results that are important to them and become healthier and more effective people.  Each student is treated as creative, capable and complete.  A Health & Wellness Coach also provides knowledge and resources to assist students with their best thinking enabling greater effectiveness, less stress and more health and happiness in their own lives.



Instructional Specialist

      Provide academic support, consultation and training opportunities which support Student Success in specific content areas.


Instructional Technology Support Technician

      Facilitates Classroom readiness and the provision of specialized instructional tools



Library Services

      Facilitates access to informational resources and services that are available from the campus and online. Services include Bibliographic Instruction, Intercampus and Interlibrary Loans, access to Reserve Materials, and information literacy guidance


Reading Specialist

      Provides strategies to improve reading skills in academic disciplines for students and faculty members through workshops, one-on-one tutoring or small group tutoring, and consultation with faculty